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Relief Pub / Bar management Service

Relief pub, bar or club management cover for all in the licensed trade whether you are looking to go on holiday, need to go in to hospital or just need a short break from running your pub then you will need licensed Managers to run your business and that is where we can help you.

We are able to manage your establishment for you whilst you take a well deserved holiday, need medical attention or seek full time managers. Emergency management can be arranged to cover such things as managers walk outs or licensee resignations.

Our rates are very competitive and start from just £375.00.

Emergency management cover has a minimum charge of £550.00 per week outside the M25 or £650.00 inside the M25. One of our licensed managers could be on site within 12 hours. Additional emergency cover can also be booked for weeks and days during the period of the cover provided that we do not have a prior booking to fulfill.

All ordinary bookings require a 20% non refundable deposit (unless we cancel) payable at the time of booking cover and a further payment of 60% of the cover cost to paid two weeks before the cover is due to start with the balance of 20% to be paid within in two weeks of the cover ending. If emergency cover is required then the full amount needs to be paid at the time of booking.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of our service we like to arrive the night before the hand-over is due to take place and if possible stay the night after hand-back has taken place this way we can ensure that we are on site on the day you wish too depart and again on site should a problem arise with your return journey and you miss the hand-back date. Please if you're thinking of booking our services do not think of this part of the service as being an extra couple of free days cover, it is purely to insure you get away for a worry free Holiday.

Please use the table below as a rough guide to our charges. Please see below on how to book and obtain more information.

Cover Required

First weeks' Charge

Additional Week

Extra Days

(per Day)

Weekend only cover Fri-Mon

Week day cover Mon -Fri


Inside M25






Outside M25






Emergency cover inside M25






Emergency cover outside M25






Open and Close inside M25







Open and close outside M25







Other prices shown a for where cover requires up to 16 hours behind the bar in any given week, the rest of our time is actually taken up by managing the bar, over that and we charge £12 an hour on top of our fee again invoiced for on the days in question and collected on the day in cash. Please rota your staff with this is mind.

Please see below on how to contact us and book your cover.

All premises must provide clean suitable accommodation, adequate staffing levels, at least two meals a day per manager.

We can supply holding managers for pubs that are closed or are awaiting new owners, our minimum fee for open and close service applies.

We also offer a trade building service were we can run your pub for you to build up its trade or hold it for whilst you find new managers, sell it or take it back over.

We can supply single managers who can also cook basic pub food. We also can offer a open and close service in which we do all the management side of things, cashing up, locking up, ordering , banking etc. but do not spend any time behind the bar serving nor kitchen work, we can of course cover sick staff but at a premium in the table and is per shift covered on top of our fee and will be invoiced for and collected on the day in cash.

To discuss your requirements please send an email to the email address shown in the footer below you will receive an auto reply email with my mobile number in it for you to call to arrange cover, please avoid calling between 10am and 12.30pm - 4.30pm and 7.30pm as these are busy times in the pub trade best time to call is about 3pm week days and 6pm weekends. Please include in your email brief details of the cover you require, dates, location and type of cover. Please note we require accommodation if you can't provide it on site then the B and B or Hotel fee must be paid by you.

Travel cost from our base and back are included in the quote and as we always travel by train any additional travel costs incurred during the day to day running of your establishment will be chargeable at the time of the cover, taxi, bus or train fares etc.