Ultimate Stocktaking

Downloadable stocktaking software.

The Ultimate Pub Stocktaking software is the most powerful stocktaking software we have ever produced and is the pub / bar managers dream. This stocktaking software will perform all your main Bar management tasks for you.

It will -

  •     Allow you to perform a full stock take
  •     Allow you to set all your prices
  •     Allow you to perform your ordering - and up-date your stock records ready for your stock take at the same time.
  •     Allow you to cash-up up to three tills - which will automatically update your stock take records as you go.
  •     Generate a legal bar price list automatically every time you change your prices.

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More on its features;

The built in till cashing software allows you to not only cash-up up to 3 tills accurately and quickly it also handles all your cash handling whilst it's on site from the till to the bank. The best bit is that every time you cash a till your records are updated in your stocktaking sheets and that means that you don't have to enter them manually on the day of the stock take will have all been done for you.

This software will also report all your splits, including wage budgets, machine splits and Wet to Dry. It will report each till as being either short, balanced or over in both words and numbers and it can even warn you if it thinks that you have entered digits into it the wrong way around. It can even generate change orders for you. Both easy to set up and easy to use. You can also set up and use five different floats.

To see more watch the video below

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Buy it now for just £19.99 (pay by card or paypal - instant download)


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See how it works

Watch this short video to see how to perform a stock take, its quick and simple to use once set up it will save you hours of work let alone ££££