Pub gross profit margin and break-even point calculator

Pubs gross profit margin and break-even calculator designed to help you find the gross profit margin you pub, bar or club needs to make to return a profit. This excel based software will take you through all the stages of finding firstly your break-even point (the point in the year where your sales have generated enough profit to cover all your fixed costs) then it helps you set the overall gross profit margin or GP% your need to return a profit on your yearly sales.

The standard edition costs just £3.99 and is available for instant download straight after cleared payment please use this button to buy it

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Or you could by the deluxe edition for £4.99 which also contains our deluxe price setting software, which allows you o set all your pub's bars prices to the correct profit margins and maintain them. We sell this on the site for £3.99 alone please see deluxe price setting for more details.

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So what do you get for your money?

well this excel based software will firstly show you your current break-even point, which is a must for any business plan. Then it will allow you to set budgets to improve your GP% on static sales, it comes with a sheet for you to do that on. To help you reduce your fixed costs it come with loads of money saving tips for pubs, bars and clubs and contains calculators to help you set wage budgets, save electricity etc. The savings you budget for are then automatically used by another calculation sheet which will show your projected new break-even point.

The software will also help you set your required gross profit margin to cover all your over heads and achieve your target taxable profit, do just think you are making a profit - know you are!

Then there's tips and calculators to help you increase sales and reduce stocking costs, which includes sheets to help you work out your barrelage, a great aid for when you are negotiating volume discounts. There's advice and a calculator to show you real cost to your profit margin when you offer special offers and there's even a calculator to help you work out your rivals GP%. And a guide as to which gross profit percentage you should be achieving based on the type of pub / bar you own, be it tied, part tied or a free house.

The software will even show you how much extra in sales you have to take to cover the added expense of laying on entertainment. Theirs's advice on saving money on such things as Stocktaking, bookkeepers fees, business rates and much more, over twenty years in the trades worth of tips a provided by this software.

Once you have completed all the step by step processes you will be then shown your target gross profit margin percentage and your new break-even point.

Many already in the licensed trade or are thinking of joining the trade have no business knowledge and this software is designed to help everyone with the basics of any business - understanding how much profit you need to make from your sales to not only break-even but return a healthy profit.

If you buy the deluxe version then you also receive our deluxe price setting software which will allow you to set all your wets sales prices at the correct GP% and further more, and probably more importantly make sure your maintain the profit margins. Not only that but every time you change your prices a printable bar price list is automatically generated for you, just print it off and display it. There is also a guide to the legal requirements of bars price list included.