Staff training manual module 4 dealing with violence 

Bar staff should be trained in how to prevent violent situations occurring and in what to do if a fight breaks out. In this module of the bar Staff training manual we cover the whole topic of violence both in the bar and in the work place. You as an employer and licensee have a legal duty of care to both your staff, customers and visitors alike. You must provide your staff with training. 

     This module covers the following

  •     Policy statement on bullying and violence between staff members and customers
  •     The stages of getting drunk explained
  •     Best practices to prevent violence
  •     How to spot and stop trouble starting
  •     What staff should do if violence breaks out
  •     What staff should do if they are attacked themselves
  •     The law on self defence
  •     Keeping records in the incident book
  •     When to call the police
  •     Banning people best policy
  •     What staff should do to catch the trouble makers
  •     Your legal duties as an employer
  •     Free posters for you to download and print off.
  •     Test page for staff on the subject
  •     Guidance notes for DPS explaining the law

It is essential that all your bar staff know the five main stages of getting drunk and the symptoms customers will display at each stage. These stages are the biggest indicator that trouble is on its way and by understanding at which stage of drunkenness each customers is at they should soon learn where to expect the trouble to come from and act to prevent it. Many in the licensed trade fail to see that the happy bar stage is one of the most dangerous stages as trouble often quickly follows a period of extreme happiness. If those in the pub trade had a pound for every time we heard the phrase "we were all having a great time, then all of a sudden merry hell broke out".

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Module 4 Prevention of Violence


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