Fire Action Plan - Staff Training Mod 5 

As an employer You have a legal duty to have written a fire risk assessment, a fire action plan and staff training manual. You should also keep logs of such things as alarm tests, evacuation test and more. This module is designed to help you comply with the required legislation. Fire officers have the power to shut you down, they take their job very seriously as you should take them seriously as well. They often turn up unannounced for routine inspections or following a complaint from a member of the public.

Every member of your staff should receive some kind of training with regard to Fire, they should be shown all the escape routes - known as fire walk through. Training on how to use a fire extinguisher should also be provided, employees should also know the fire action plan for your premises and should know the role they should assume should a fire breakout on your premises put simply it is the law and your have a legal duty to comply with it. Please read the whole of this page to see exactly what you will receive for just £3.99 

Not only will you receive a staff training manual in word document format, which means you can edit it to suit your pubs unique requirements, but you also receive the following;

  •     All of the following in editable word format;
  •     Fire risk assessment form (30 pages long)
  •     Regulatory reform Fire Safety Order 2005 Guidance Document
  •     A Fire Risk matrix
  •     Fire Prevention Check list
  •     Fire Risk assessment Check List
  •     Fire safety Log Book
  •     Fire safety at Work
  •     Fire Safety information Document
  •     Organization of a Fire Drill Guidance
  •     A full Health and Safety Policy Document (see below for more details)
  •     Fire safety posters

The training module covers the following;

  •     These topics and more
  •     What to do on discovery of a fire
  •     Responsible Persons
  •     Fire wardens / Marshal
  •     Calling the Fire Brigade
  •     Fire Walk Through
  •     How to use a fire extinguisher
  •     Assembly Points
  •     Evacuation
  •     Escape routes
  •     Posters
  •     DPS guidance notes
  •     Test pages

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Full Training Manual - all five modules


Module 5 Fire


You should always check that you licensing plan, which contains details regarding you fire detection and fire fighting equipment and alarm details, is up to date and actually matches what you physically have in place. If you do not have a copy of your plan then contact your local licensing team and they should supply you with one. You will need this plan to place a copy in your training manual. 

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    Health and Safety Policy Statement covers the following;
  • Organization and Responsibilities
  • General statement of policy
  • Managing risk assessments
  • Consultation and communication with employees
  • Maintenance of Plant and equipment
  • Safe handling and use of substances
  • Accidents, occupational ill health, RIDDOR and first aid
  • Health and safety monitors
  • Fire safety and emergency procedures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Display screen equipment
  • Road safety work related
  • Manual Handling operations

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Please watch these videos to see what you will receive best watched in full screen, please also note these are videos of the PDF version you will receive fully editable word documents!

Mod 5 Fire

1 Health and safety policy

2 Fire risk assessment form

3 The Regulatory Reform Order 2005

4 Risk Rating Matrix

5 Fire Prevention Checklist

6 Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

7 Fire Safety At Work

8 Fire Safety Information

9 Fire Safety Log Book

10 Organization of a Fire Drill