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The Licensee - how to buy from us.

Help using this site and product support

Buying and downloading from this site could not be easier. We give you two options on how to pay for your products one is by Credit or Debit card the other is via Paypal each are secure payment methods and we receive no information on your card details or Paypal account details they are kept secret by the payment handler.

In both methods following payment and still in the payment process you are taken to a download area where you can download your products from. In addition a email is sent to the email address you supply during the checkout process this email contains a link to your download area, a button to view and print your invoice and a link to a help email address.

In ALL cases you are advised to download your products to your "my Documents" folder and not your download folder or your desk-top this is because the links in some of the spreadsheets will not work unless they are in the "My Documents" folder. If your products are zipped format then you will need to un-zip them before using them this is a simple process. Simply right click on the zip folder and select "extract all" from the drop down list and that is that. Then use the unzipped folder or file.

Please read any instructions contained within your product before attempting to use it or set it up it will save you time and energy.

If you would like to try or system first the please test it by buying our Lottery Syndicate checker which allows you to check up to 24 tickets to see if any have won. It is normally price at £1 but if you enter this code LOTTO40TFB in the coupon area and click apply to receive 40 percent off - making it just 60p which just about covers our handling fees. 

Test our system!

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We can be contacted via the email address at the bottom of this page, via the help button on most pages and by the email address in your download link email. We will get back to you as soon as possible it is vital to us that every customer receives their product and has it set up correctly.

Thanks for visiting our site.