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Bookkeeping and Payroll Service

It is often all the paperwork involved with running a pub, bar or club that takes up all the Landlord's or landladies spare time. Our bookkeeping and payroll service is designed to free up all that time for you, simply put it all in an envelope and post it to us and we do the rest. Unlike other companies offering a bookkeeping service we don't want you spending just as much time filling in forms such as a statement of trade or record of purchases, quite frankly by the time you have done all that you might as well have done the books yourself.

Our bookkeeping service is simple you send us one letter a week with everything in it including till reports and we do the rest we can even handle your payroll for just £2 per member of staff per week, pay slips are emailed over to you for you to print off, just simply email us a spread sheet with your staffs hours in it and that's it all done for you.

We use Quickbooks which means you can access your own books from your own computer and see just how well you are doing anytime of the day or night no need for you to wait for us too tell you how well you are doing, when we feel like it, as together we work in real time.

The bookkeeping service starts at just £30 per week with the payroll offered at £2 per employee per week please email us or use the form below and we will call you for a friendly informal chat about your requirements and we will give you our lowest possible quote for this service as we can.

Bookkeeping by publicans for publicans at a price you can afford. 

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