Module 1 - Underage Drinking How to prevent it.

Underage drinking has historically been a major problem in the licensed trade and now with fake ID being readily available from the internet at very little cost publicans and their staff have be on their guard at all times. This module is downloadable from this site

Areas covered are;

  •         The acceptable forms of ID
  •         Guides for the DPS
  •         An Age Verification Policy pre written just needs filling in, a legal requirement to have one
  •         ID checking poster for behind the bar
  •         How to spot fake ID
  •         New and old UK driving licenses examples
  •         New and old UK Passports examples
  •         How to check a date of birth
  •         Pass Card ID examples
  •         Military ID Cards examples
  •         Examples of fake ID
  •         Questions to ask the person being ID
  •         What do with Fake ID
  •         Blind selling - how to stop it
  •         Children in pubs and the law
  •         Guides for door staff
  •         The penalties and fines should you or your staff get caught serving underage
  •         Posters - challenge 25 or 21
  •         List of offenses users of fake ID commit
  •         Star sign chart - used for checking ID as recommended by the home office
  •         Tobacco and Tobacco products
  •         Due Diligence guide
  •         Guide to what ID you should accept
  •         Test sheet for testing your staffs knowledge

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Module 1 Underage


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