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You as a bar manager or pub landlord have a legal duty to prevent the use and dealing of drugs on your premises and therefore you must train your bar staff on how to do the same. You will not have a defence of due diligence should things go wrong and licensing will not be happy to find out that you have made a little or no effort to address the problem. Downloading and using this module will go a long way to help you prevent possible prosecutions for drug related offenses - knowingly allowing the dealing of drugs or turning a blind eye to what is going on in your premises carries a possible prison sentence of 14 years upon conviction so it is no laughing matter.

Just £1.99 buys you a complete training manual for your staff and a drugs policy statement (which is a legal requirement for all licensed premises) use the button below to purchase you copy and you could have the problem sorted within minutes - downloadable straight after cleared payment.

What do you get in this module?

  •    A full drug users glossery of terms used
  •     A guide to common illegal drugs and the symptoms of use
  •     Pictures of common illegal drugs and the equipment used to take them
  •     A guide to spotting drug use on your premises.
  •     How to spot drug dealing on your premises.
  •     Magic Mushrooms are illegal know the picking season
  •     How to deter drug use on your premises tricks of the trade
  •     A guide as to what action your staff need to take regarding drug use on your premises
  •     The classification of drugs and the penalties for being caught with them
  •     A full Drugs policy statement - just edit it and your done!
  •     Test questions for your staff.
  •     Notes for the DPS own use on the law on drugs and the licensed trade.
  •     The penalties for allowing drug use or dealing on your premises.
  •     Guidance notes for the DPS

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Full Training Manual - all five modules


Module 2 Drug Prevention


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